Ink Cartridge and Toner Cartridge

The Differences Between Ink Cartridge and Toner Cartridge

When purchasing a new printer for business or personal use, one of the questions that frequently arises, is what is difference between printers that uses ink cartridge? The easy answer is that ink cartridges hold liquid printer’s ink, similar to what is in an ink pen, and the content of a toner cartridge is a carbon-based powder, but there is more to the story.


Ink Cartridges

A printer that utilises an ink cartridge uses pressure to apply the ink to the paper, similar to typewriter. The reason printers that use ink cartridges remain popular is that the cost of ink cartridges is typically less expensive than toner cartridges and the quality of the print is often higher than a toner-based printer. On the down downside, if the printer is used infrequently, the ink may dry out faster than it is used up.

If space is an issue, an ink printer will likely fit into the area better than a toner printer. Ink cartridges can sit in the palm of the hand, so the printer need not be much bigger than a sheet of paper. A toner or laser cartridge is about the length of a forearm, and the printer needed to house it is much bigger.


Toner Cartridges

While ink is pressed on the page, toner is mixed with a polymer and burned onto the paper. A printer using toner has a heating element, which melts down the particles in the toner. Once the particles are melted down, they stick to the paper and create the words and images.

Not all toners contain the same formula and the size of the particles that make up the toner is largely responsible for the quality of the finished imagine. The smaller the particles, the more clearly an image the printer will produce.

Many people prefer printers that use toner because they print faster and the print is more stable, meaning it does not fade or smear as frequently as other printers. Toner cartridges are also much bigger than ink cartridges, and they will printer more pages before a replacement is needed. An ink cartridge may only print 200 sheets before a replacement is needed. A toner cartridge user may get 5,000 printed sheets. On the other hand, a buyer will shell out much less for an ink cartridge than a toner cartridge.


Whether one cartridge is better than the other is really dependent on the use. Both ink toner cartridges have their proponents. Consider the purpose of the printer and the space available. High volume users will definitely find the toner-based printer more cost and time effective, but if infrequent printing of one or two sheets is more apt to be the use, then an ink printer will likely be more cost effective.

The differences between ink and toner cartridges are as much about how the print gets on the page as it is about the contents of the cartridge. When purchasing a printer, consider the cost, space and quality before making a final decision.

Ben Greenwood is writing on behalf of Cartridge World, providers of office supplies such as refill ink cartridges and toner cartridges.


HP 96 A Black Toner Cartridge Model C4096A

The HP 96 A Black Toner Cartridge model C4096A is a toner that is designed specifically with the Laserjet 2100 and 2200 series in mind. It yields up to 5,000 pages and is designed specifically for home use and for small offices. The toner is compatible with the following printers – the HP Laser Jet 2100, and 2200 series and the Canon LBP series. The main tagline of the HP 96 A (C4096A) is that it provides for a low total cost of printing that saves on time and money, and similarly it is the beneficiary of cutting edge technology that ensures that the ultra precise cartridge advances invested in it deliver on the quality and reliability front.


Technical Features

It assures one of optimal printing of texts and graphics

Has a capacity to produce up to 5000 pages per cycle

It has a weight of about 3.4 pounds and comes with the following dimensions 14×9.5 x6.2

The HP 96 A Black Toner Cartridge is compatible with HP from the 2100 series.

The product weighs in at a dry weight of 4 pounds

Easy installation and rather affordable when it comes to the cost of maintenance

The toner is not actually a new product but is in essence a refurbished cartridge that is unleashed by HP in the market.

Before the HP 96 A (C4096A) is unleashed on the market it undergoes a quality control process that would be the envy of many an industrial producer. The process that it entails to get a new toner is as follows:

The collection of the cartridges that are either donated or purchased by the manufacturer – in this case HP.

This is followed by a detailed examination of the cartridges by the manufacturer with the intent being to look for any flaws in the container- cracks, leaks, that sort of thing

Thirdly, the toner of the re-manufactured HP 96 A (C4096A) model is then replaced with a new one from a manufacturing bottle, also replaced in the above process are the retainer blade and the scraper blade.

All the OPC– Optical Photo Conductor – in the cartridge is replaced by a super resolution OPC drum that is lubricated with a non-toxic chemical powder and the effect of this is that a darker quality is produced in your print.

Lastly, the quality control personnel individually test every cartridge before it is released into the market.


Purchasing the HP 96A (C4096A) has advantages both in the extrinsic and the intrinsic sense. Intrinsically you are assured of an ink cartridge that lives up to its billing in as far as its claim to be an efficient user of ink is concerned; it also has an ultra precise cartridge that is instrumental in so far as releasing ink jets that essentially ensure that the quality of print and text is fine. Retailing for the price $162 (listed price) of the extrinsic value that one gets when they purchase this product is the assurance that they are playing their bit in so far as the recycling campaign is concerned.


This article was written by Charles Miner from and is his opinion of the HP 96 A.

toner cartridge and inkjet cartridge

Toner Cartridge Cost Saving Top Tips

Whether you use toner cartridges or inkjet cartridges, a significant difference to the cost of purchasing can be made by simply following a basic guide to everyday printing actions. In today’s eco-aware world, the drive is on to help reduce carbon emissions. Everyone – from private individual, small business, or large company – can make a real contribution, as well as dramatically cut their costs by simply knowing how to print as many pages per toner cartridge as possible!


There are some very quick and easy actions that can be taken each time you either buy, replace or use a printer cartridge – or a compatible cartridge – which really can make a significant budget saving, especially over the long term.

Shake the toner cartridge before printing: The toner powder settles in between use, as well as during storage. It will lump together at the bottom of the cartridge and not feed properly, making the cartridge totally unusable.


Always give the toner cart a prolonged but gentle shake before printing each time, as when it was installed into your printer on the first occasion. Check the first printout and if it doesn’t look like the quality normally obtained, remove the printer ink cartridge and give it a further shake before replacing it. This will usually solve the problem.

Buy compatible cartridges: A considerable saving can be made by purchasing compatible cartridges, i.e. non-original manufacturer toner carts for your printer. The quality is very comparable and perfectly acceptable for everyday printing purposes. It is still important to check the conditions of the warranty for performance guarantees, returns policy on faulty items and any replacement charges.


Ignore the toner refill indicator light: Do not replace the cartridge immediately the indicator light appears! Most toner cartridge copiers and printers have indicator lights or screen messages to indicate when the toner is low or empty. In fact, the printer manufacturer’s will factory-set the low toner indicator light to come on well in advance when the toner is still a quarter to half full!

Trust your own judgment and continue printing or copying and only replace the toner cartridge when the printed pages become too light, streaked or of poor quality. You can really stretch the use of each cartridge before having to finally replace by frequently removing from the machine and giving a number of vigorous shakes. You should be able to print quite a number of copies before installing a new toner cart.


Buy online: The cost-effective option today is to buy toner cartridges online when compared to high street prices. Printing supplier websites offer an exhaustive range of printer cartridges from nearly all the leading brand names at keen competitive price, and are quick and easy to use. Online security is safe and transactions protected with the best reputable sites keep you informed of all order dispatch and delivery details, every step of the way. are an online UK supplier of ink cartridges or toner cartridges for all the leading brands such as Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP and Lexmark. They offer a wide choice of guaranteed printer supplies of original and compatible ink cartridges, printer toners and laser toner cartridges.

Brother Toner Cartridge

How to Resume Printing when Brother Toner Cartridge Prompts Toner Out

Consumers are fully aware that OEM toner cartridges retain some amount of toner in cartridges once the ‘Toner Out’ prompts. The reason presented is that print quality for documents turned out in say the Brother HL-2040 printer will be adversely affected if toner supply is low. Although this recommendation by the printer is logical – the amount of toner left in cartridges vary from one OEM cartridge to the next. The reason, sensors in TN-350 toner cartridges monitor the number of printing sequences and not the consumption of toner, so if the user prints mostly at less than 5% coverage – naturally a lot of toner will still be left at the purported end-life of the cartridge.


What volume of toner typically remains in the cartridge after the printer prompts “Toner Out”? 10% toner is usually allowed in the make-up of TN-350 Brother toner cartridges. This practice however will vary from printer manufacturer to the next, depending again on the recommendation coming from manufacturers. So if we include whatever is left of unused toner by printing less than the industry’s standard 5% coverage, the toner volume could reach a staggering 35% to 40%.


What can the user do when the prompt ‘Toner Out’ is on? For most OEM cartridges, the user has the option to dispose the cartridge or replace the sensor chip at the bottom of the cartridge to continue printing. Some even go to the extent of re-programming the smart chip to continue printing. However, this does not hold true for Brother toner cartridges TN-350 because monitoring is accomplished twofold: an optical sensor monitors the toner supply level that automatically stops the printer when level is breached and a flag gear that monitors the number of printing sequences stops the printer when the number is reached.


What makes Brother toner cartridge different from the rest? First, the optical sensor of the Brother HL-2040 printer traverses through the cartridge via two openings on both sides. So, once the cartridge is low on toner, the light beam connects to the other side of the sensor to complete the circuit and the Brother HL-2040 printerstops. The user will just have to block the openings with black tape and fool the sensor into believing that there is still toner to continue printing. Second, the flag gear just needs resetting to allow printing, as what happens when the Brother toner cartridge TN-350 is recycled – that is refilled with OEM Brother Toner Cartridge.


Remember, when your Brother HL-2040 printer prompts ‘Toner Out’, the unit is still serviceable because it can still print several hundreds or a thousand pages.


Jeric O. Tero supplies web content for Laser Tek Services, Inc. Looking for the highest quality Brother toner cartridge available at factory direct prices? Visit our website today.


How to Resolve the Samsung ML-2010 Printer Print Fading?

There are a variety of reasons why laser printers (not just the Samsung ML-2010) deliver light or faded prints. In all these instances, the cause is not derivative of the serious flaw in the printer design. Rather it could be a case of poor printer maintenance or the printer components seem to function below its rated capacity. The cause could range from a low toner supply that could be resolved by replacement or dirty electrical contact points that limit the supply of electrical potential to the critical components and should be resolved by thorough cleaning.


When a laser printer has been in operation for extended periods of time, loose toner particles could accumulate in some sensitive parts of the printer. Prone to this kind of problem is the printer’s laser scanning system with its rotating disk and series of reflecting lenses. Remember that loose toner particles are lightweight and could easily be airborne, coating deliberately the sensitive parts of the scanner. Over time, the accumulated toner can limit the efficiency of the laser-scanning beam that results in light prints and the only remedy is to clean the scanner periodically.


When the contact points of the developer roller (magnetic roller) are dirty, insufficient electrical potential (negative charge) can be harnessed and this affects the magnetic power to attract toner particles. The insufficiency of the electrical charge limits the release and adhesion of toner particles on the OPC Drum surface; resulting in light or faded prints. To resolve the issue, the user must clean the developer roller metal contact points.


However when the printer is still new, light or faded prints could only be caused by a relatively low toner supply. When confronted with this printer problem, the user can pull out the toner cartridge from the printer and shake the cartridge vigorously to free clumped toner from inside the Samsung ML-2010 toner cartridge. The idea is to distribute the toner evenly, since toner is not liquid that seeks its own level, it is not expected to recede evenly. The shaking of the cartridge should yield a few more quality printed pages, after which the toner cartridge has to be replaced or refilled.


An empty Samsung ML-2010 toner cartridge can be replaced with an OEM toner product that costs $90 and capable of printing up to 3,000 pages based on the standard 5% page coverage. Or the user can buy a replacement Samsung compatible toner cartridge at the reduced price of $50. The toner product is obviously designed and formulated to provide users print quality and yield similar to the OEM.


Next time when faded or light prints are evident, remember that the problem could be resolved by replacing the cartridge or by doing some cleaning on the affected printer components.


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HP Toner Cartridges

What Makes HP Toner Cartridges Meet Most User Expectations?

HP (Hewlett Packard) has continued to maintain its competitive edge over other printer manufacturers in the Industry. The only reason could be the HP LaserJet toner cartridges that are built to compliment every HP laser printer that comes out of production facilities. Printer design is now almost generic, where parts and components are no longer exclusive and supplies could actually be interchangeable. In effect, no printer holds dominance in reliability, but not in toner cartridges because HP has infused technical innovations unique only to its cartridges – the edge sorely missing in other brands.


Why homes and offices continue to patronize HP laser printersand consumable?Over the years, HP has introduced many first in innovation that benefit the Industry. In fact name any revolutionary concept in printer design and HP undoubtedly is behind the idea and design. HP has built a solid name and reputation that its name became synonymous to printer reliability. Hereunder are some features that truly make HP printer and toner cartridges a runaway winner over the competition.


Stunning texts and graphics.Two technologies are seen responsible for its outstanding printouts: One is the Image Resolution Enhancement Technology (Image REt) 2400 that allows development of precise details and true-to-life images. The Image REt achieves extraordinary results by combining toner colors indiscriminately to produce millions of brilliant colors. Second, the intelligent ColorSmart 11 compliments by analyzing what is to be printed and automatically responds by delivering the document the way it must be presented.


For homes and office use.HP laser printers are no longer confined to the offices but are now more flexible in homes. This significance is brought by the introduction of portable and replaceable toner cartridges that HP devised early on. The Q6000A black HP LaserJet toner cartridge, for instance, has been designed with the phenomenal capability to deliver the fine prints expected from the HP device. Therefore, extraordinary prints can be made whether one is in the office or at home.

HP equipment capability.It is the added incentive because users will not only be treated to the best in printouts, but also responds reliably to any volume workload conveniently. In offices where high-volume printing is required, a compatible HP laser printer and consumable is available to answer convincingly this particular need. HP has devised printer and consumable to match any printing requirement whether one is into 5,000-monthly duty cycle or over the 100,000-monthly volume requirement.


The HP machines have consistently become the runaway bestseller globally, a feat of recognition for the various technical innovation that it introduced for the benefit of the users in the Industry.

Next time you need a machine and HP LaserJet toner cartridges that wows and also meet every user expectation, pick one from among HP’s reliable line up.


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toner cartridge and ink cartridge

Comparing Toner Cartridge and Ink Cartridges

Among the things you’d consider when buying a printer is the difference between toner and ink cartridges. There are several things that make them different including the usage and the price. An obvious difference is that a toner is used for laser printers, while an ink cartridge is required of an inkjet printer. The laser printing machine itself, compared to an inkjet printer, is more expensive, but can usually accomplish larger loads.


Most people are more familiar with an ink cartridge, since inkjet printers are more commonly used in homes and offices. Put simply, the liquid ink in the cartridge is applied on the paper that you feed your printer. Laser printers, on the other hand, are more often used in offices than homes. The toner of a laser printer is filled with ink in the form of a dry powder, which is dispersed through the print head nozzle just like that of an inkjet printer.


If you need to produce documents fast, a machine that use a toner cartridge can produce more documents in less time than one that uses an ink cartridge. There may be laser printer models that have speedier performance than other models, but they are generally faster than inkjet printers.


In terms of costs upfront, toners are more expensive than liquid ink. But liquid ink usually runs out faster than the dry powder type in a toner cartridge. Also, dry powder ink doesn’t have to be used up right away since it’s already dry. It isn’t a rare occurrence for inkjet printer users to waste an ink cartridge, because its content has already dried up.


Clearly, if you’re trying to determine which type of printing equipment would be better for you, it will depend on the printing work that you require. Even if you simply compare toner and ink cartridges, the wiser choice will still rely on how you’ll use your printer.


A laser printer is definitely more expensive than an inkjet printer. A toner cartridge is also more expensive than an ink cartridge. However, if you need to print documents often and in large quantities, a laser printer will come out more economical for you. If you’ll be using a printer quite lightly, you should opt for an inkjet printer. Just make sure that you print at least a page of black and colored text or images per week to make sure the liquid ink doesn’t dry out.


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How to Find Deals On Toner Cartridges

Printers and photocopiers today have become the most essential types of office equipment. To produce the ink covered text and graphics on paper, printers use a toner cartridge. These cartridges come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and with their own pros and cons.

Cartridges are small or large, plastic-moulded devices that hold the printing medium that we refer to as toner. The toner is a fine black powder comprising carbon, black dyes and fine plastic particles. The heated printer drum or photocopier drum melts and fuser the toner to the paper resulting in the images we see on paper.


Types of Toner Cartridges

OEM cartridges are produced by the manufacturer of the machine or authorised suppliers; this type of cartridge is expensive. Compatible cartridges are those made by off-brand suppliers and generic cartridge suppliers. Cartridges are manufactured to meet compatibility standards of different brand machines; more cost-effective solution. Remanufactured cartridges are used cartridges that suppliers clean, service and refill. This is a very cheap cartridge option.


Finding the Best Deals

The Internet is the best place to go bargain hunting for the best deals on a toner cartridge. There are numerous sites offering new cartridges, refill kits and recycled cartridges online. With refilling cartridges, there is additional savings to be enjoyed. When buying online, benefit accrues to the buyer only when a whopping shipping cost is not included. Look for sites offering free shipping and bulk purchase discounts.

Several online sites offer discounted prices for specific printer models. One would probably need the printer model number to enter into the site to access the list of prices. By clicking on a chosen vendor, it is possible to be redirected to the vendor page where online purchases can be made.

There are many online sites where it is possible to find most anything these days. Many sites serve as a meeting point for buyers and sellers. Open an account on a couple of vetted sites and trawl the computer and accessories section for auction sales and fixed price items. Simply select the item and make the purchase directly from the seller.

Conduct an online search for reputed sites selling discounted cartridges or offering special deals on cartridges. There are many reputed sites offering a wide range of cartridges at discounted prices. Most stores will stock a range of low cost ink cartridges and toners, offering a comprehensive line of cartridges, refill kits and laser toner together with a wide selection of other printer supplies.

The Internet has fast become one of the primary shopping mediums frequently used by people for convenience shopping, for everything from pet supplies to high-end products. With minimal effort, it is easy to find great value for money deals on top quality ink and toner cartridge. Look for stores offering top quality products at reasonably competitive prices. Another thing to look for when shopping online for the best deals on toner cartridges is to look for same day delivery or at the most, next day guaranteed delivery.

Many brick and mortar stores maintain an online presence because of the popularity of the Internet. An extensive range of quality cartridges from branded manufacturers at discounted prices can be founded in these stores.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Buy original or remanufactured cartridges; either way it’s a chance to get the best deals.

Ben Greenwood is writing on behalf of Cartridge World, the UK’s leading specialist in toner cartridges and ink cartridges.


Toner Cartridge And Ink Cartridge

Most homes and just about all businesses need to utilize appropriate computer accessories to carry out the necessary functions on a day-to-day basis. It makes sense to cut corners where possible to save money on operational costs so it can be allocated elsewhere. When using a computer printer, users can opt to either use an ink cartridge or a toner cartridge for their system. It’s useful to know the differences between the two before making a decision about which product is best for your situation.


Toner Cartridges

Toner consists of polymer mixed with a very dry and fine powder that is carbon-based and then applied to the paper. Its consistency is comparable to dust. The laser works with the toner to essentially burn it directly on to the paper. The toner particles melt from the heat emitted from the fuser and then stick to the paper to make the text and images. It actually sticks to the paper using the properties of static electricity.

All toner cartridge compositions are not equal. Each manufacturer makes its own mix that directly impacts the resolution that is printed. A better, clearer resolution can be made by using smaller toner particles. It’s also better for the particles to be identical in shape and size to get the best look on paper. When it gets empty, the manufacturer typically refills it. Toner is often selected over traditional ink because the cartridges are very large and hold plenty of toner. The expected lifespan of some are as many as 5,000 pages. If heavy output is expected, toner is preferable over ink.


Ink Cartridges

Another option for printing is ink. Printing with an ink cartridge is very similar to the process of writing on a piece of paper with a pen. The cartridge is filled with ink and the printer, using pressure, applies the ink directly to the paper. The ink is dispersed through the holes on the cartridge itself. Inks can be either oil or water based.

Inkjets are ideal if cost is an issue. It is cheaper to purchase ink instead of toner. The quality of the ink remains high because it typically runs out before it goes bad from aging. They’re also easier for the average user to change and small enough to hold in one hand. On average, a page printed with ink costs from 5 to 10 cents.

When deciding to make your next printer purchase select carefully between a laser printer, which uses toner, and the inkjet printer, which uses ink. Each has its benefits and drawbacks that need to be evaluated individually.

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Trends Of Toner Cartridge and Ink Cartridge

Trends Of Toner Cartridge and Ink Cartridge

Two reports were recently released by the digital imaging authority Lyra Research that detailed information about an analysis and forecast data for the market in the area of digital imaging supplies. The findings that were published in these reports from Lyra utilize findings that were originally published in the first-half of 2011 Hard Copy Supplies Advisory Service Forecast 360. The two reports are the Worldwide Laser Toner Cartridge Forecast 2008-2015 and the Desktop Ink Jet Cartridge Forecast 2008-2015.


The Worldwide Laser Toner Cartridge Forecast, 2008-2015 explains how the bottom out occurred in the laser printer market. Sales will continue to grow in prospective markets and pick back up in the year 2011. This growth in hardware sales will cause a significant boom in the demand for those who need to get a laser toner cartridge. The change is also expected to expand to color output devices and cartridge shipment with the ability to handle print jobs that have high-volume needs. The overall increase is expected to grow from 379 million per year in 2010 up to 445 million in 2015, with the largest growth in Asia Pacific and Latin America.


The Worldwide Desktop Ink Jet Cartridge Forecast, 2008-2015 takes a look at the past two years and how the ink cartridge market has been impacted by the recession. Reasons for this include using WiFi networks, different printing habits of computer users and utilization of screen based devices. The shipments are expected to grow, especially as users gravitate away from printers that use tricolor cartridges and select higher-quality ones that require an individual ink cartridge for each color. The prices of the cartridges are expected to fall, but the revenue will rise with the increase in sales from #29 billion in 2010 up to $33 billion in 2015. The largest increase in sales will be similar to the laser toner predictions, with the largest growth in Latin America and Asia Pacific and smaller growth occurring in Europe and the United States.


The recession was able to impact the ink cartridge market just like it did with many other markets. Larry Jamieson, a senior analyst at Lyra Research, also noted that other changes including “changes in printer-user habits, resulting from forces such as MPS engagements, WiFi networks, and greater use of mobile devices and screen-based applications” contribute to the changes in the market and predictions. It doesn’t mean that the market is completely dead, and the reports show that expectations for the imaging supplies market will lean towards a modest but steady growth rate fueled by the general shift of consumers towards color output devices.


Alex Chong – Chief Engineer of TonerSuperMart


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