HP 96 A Black Toner Cartridge Model C4096A

The HP 96 A Black Toner Cartridge model C4096A is a toner that is designed specifically with the Laserjet 2100 and 2200 series in mind. It yields up to 5,000 pages and is designed specifically for home use and for small offices. The toner is compatible with the following printers – the HP Laser Jet 2100, and 2200 series and the Canon LBP series. The main tagline of the HP 96 A (C4096A) is that it provides for a low total cost of printing that saves on time and money, and similarly it is the beneficiary of cutting edge technology that ensures that the ultra precise cartridge advances invested in it deliver on the quality and reliability front.


Technical Features

It assures one of optimal printing of texts and graphics

Has a capacity to produce up to 5000 pages per cycle

It has a weight of about 3.4 pounds and comes with the following dimensions 14×9.5 x6.2

The HP 96 A Black Toner Cartridge is compatible with HP from the 2100 series.

The product weighs in at a dry weight of 4 pounds

Easy installation and rather affordable when it comes to the cost of maintenance

The toner is not actually a new product but is in essence a refurbished cartridge that is unleashed by HP in the market.

Before the HP 96 A (C4096A) is unleashed on the market it undergoes a quality control process that would be the envy of many an industrial producer. The process that it entails to get a new toner is as follows:

The collection of the cartridges that are either donated or purchased by the manufacturer – in this case HP.

This is followed by a detailed examination of the cartridges by the manufacturer with the intent being to look for any flaws in the container- cracks, leaks, that sort of thing

Thirdly, the toner of the re-manufactured HP 96 A (C4096A) model is then replaced with a new one from a manufacturing bottle, also replaced in the above process are the retainer blade and the scraper blade.

All the OPC– Optical Photo Conductor – in the cartridge is replaced by a super resolution OPC drum that is lubricated with a non-toxic chemical powder and the effect of this is that a darker quality is produced in your print.

Lastly, the quality control personnel individually test every cartridge before it is released into the market.


Purchasing the HP 96A (C4096A) has advantages both in the extrinsic and the intrinsic sense. Intrinsically you are assured of an ink cartridge that lives up to its billing in as far as its claim to be an efficient user of ink is concerned; it also has an ultra precise cartridge that is instrumental in so far as releasing ink jets that essentially ensure that the quality of print and text is fine. Retailing for the price $162 (listed price) of the extrinsic value that one gets when they purchase this product is the assurance that they are playing their bit in so far as the recycling campaign is concerned.


This article was written by Charles Miner from qtoner.us and is his opinion of the HP 96 A.