How to Resolve the Samsung ML-2010 Printer Print Fading?

There are a variety of reasons why laser printers (not just the Samsung ML-2010) deliver light or faded prints. In all these instances, the cause is not derivative of the serious flaw in the printer design. Rather it could be a case of poor printer maintenance or the printer components seem to function below its rated capacity. The cause could range from a low toner supply that could be resolved by replacement or dirty electrical contact points that limit the supply of electrical potential to the critical components and should be resolved by thorough cleaning.


When a laser printer has been in operation for extended periods of time, loose toner particles could accumulate in some sensitive parts of the printer. Prone to this kind of problem is the printer’s laser scanning system with its rotating disk and series of reflecting lenses. Remember that loose toner particles are lightweight and could easily be airborne, coating deliberately the sensitive parts of the scanner. Over time, the accumulated toner can limit the efficiency of the laser-scanning beam that results in light prints and the only remedy is to clean the scanner periodically.


When the contact points of the developer roller (magnetic roller) are dirty, insufficient electrical potential (negative charge) can be harnessed and this affects the magnetic power to attract toner particles. The insufficiency of the electrical charge limits the release and adhesion of toner particles on the OPC Drum surface; resulting in light or faded prints. To resolve the issue, the user must clean the developer roller metal contact points.


However when the printer is still new, light or faded prints could only be caused by a relatively low toner supply. When confronted with this printer problem, the user can pull out the toner cartridge from the printer and shake the cartridge vigorously to free clumped toner from inside the Samsung ML-2010 toner cartridge. The idea is to distribute the toner evenly, since toner is not liquid that seeks its own level, it is not expected to recede evenly. The shaking of the cartridge should yield a few more quality printed pages, after which the toner cartridge has to be replaced or refilled.


An empty Samsung ML-2010 toner cartridge can be replaced with an OEM toner product that costs $90 and capable of printing up to 3,000 pages based on the standard 5% page coverage. Or the user can buy a replacement Samsung compatible toner cartridge at the reduced price of $50. The toner product is obviously designed and formulated to provide users print quality and yield similar to the OEM.


Next time when faded or light prints are evident, remember that the problem could be resolved by replacing the cartridge or by doing some cleaning on the affected printer components.


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