OKI Added Distributor Partner

Making agreementOKI recently signed a cooperation agreement with Print Partnership Reprographics (Print Partnership), an independent printing device and service provider, to license Print Partnership as its ColorPainter printer series distributor.

Jim Harford, Print Partnership Business Director and Business Owner, said that he was very pleased to add the OKI ColorPainter printer series to the company’s printer product line. He said, “The new E64s series under the OKI ColorPainter Printer Series is a popular choice for consumers. “

It is reported that OKI E64s series printers use OKI’s advanced SX ink series and reliable printing technology for high-end printer models, making it an economical choice for logo and image companies.

It is understood that since its inception in 1998, the Print Partnership has grown rapidly and continues to expand its target market. Rob Brown, OKI’s director of industrial printing, said: “The Print Partnership is committed to providing printing and printing equipment to the market at a discounted price, but not at the expense of service levels, so I believe the company is an excellent cooperative company. I also We believe that the inclusion of the Print Partnership in the dealerships of the OKI E64s printer series will help us explore the potential of OKI in more areas – such as construction and body wraps, exhibition graphics, advertising banners, backlit signs, ships and Vehicle graphics, wall and floor graphics, etc.”

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Global retail printer

Global retail printer and supplies market’s Growth rate will reach 5.3% next 10 years


Recently, relevant research institutes released a forecast report on the growth of global retail printers. The report shows that the global CAGR for CAGR from 2016 to 2017 is 4.8% CAGR and the CAGR of this printing market is expected to reach 5.3% in the next 10 years. It is estimated that by the end of 2027, the market value of this printer market About 46.89 billion US dollars (about 304.24 billion yuan); global retail printer market value of about 8.550 billion US dollars in 2017 (about 55.171 billion yuan), the average annual compound growth rate of about 5%.

It is reported that retail printers mainly refers to the retail applications in a wide range of labels and receipt printing equipment. According to different application areas, the global retail printer market can be divided into desktop retail printers, industrial retail printers, mobile retail printers and other types of retail printers. Other retail printers include special-application retail printers such as note printers and wristband label printers.

The report also shows that the market value of mobile retail printers is expected by the end of 2027 will reach about 1.898 billion US dollars (about 123.15 billion yuan). Quantitatively, mobile retail printers and desktop retail printers are expected to produce 2,257,000 units and 1,871,000 units by the end of 2027 respectively.

The global retail printer supplies market can also be divided by type, application, and region. According to the type of consumables, it is estimated that by the end of 2027, paper will account for 41% of the total retail printer consumable share. Due to the increasing use of labels in the field of warehousing and online retailing, plus the use of labels in transactions to safeguard assets, The estimated market value and quantity of consumables are expected to show substantial growth during the forecast period.

In addition, by region, Asia Pacific and North America have the largest market potential in the global retail printer market. The growth of the retail printer market in these regions is mainly driven by the increase in disposable income, purchasing power and retail activities worldwide. However, the limited compatibility of retail printers with different operating systems in the above regions is also a constraint to their growth. Due to the fragmentation of the supply chain, the growth trend of retail printers in Eastern Europe and Latin America is slowing down. Its growth prospects are still not optimistic.

Canon New Eco-science Park

Canon Set up a New Eco-science Park

Recently, Canon Inc. and Canon Japan Tokyo Eco-Industry Co., Ltd. opened a new Canon eco-technology park.

Canon Set up a New Eco-science Park

It is reported that the park will display Canon Group’s environmental activities, but also with the recovery and remanufacturing of second-hand toner cartridges and cartridges factory, the factory also includes second-hand office imaging equipment. The center is located in Bando Ibaraki, about 85 kilometers north of Tokyo.

Canon said the new eco-technology park includes a showroom and a state-of-the-art facility focused on reuse and recycling designed to reduce waste and make the most of limited resources.

Canon said the workplace within the new campus follows the concept of “clean and quiet” and aims to provide employees with a comfortable work environment. The factory building incorporates an energy-efficient design that takes into account the building’s environmental impact.


In addition, as part of the Canon Group’s eco-friendly activities, the Eco-Tech Park in Canon also set up a factory field trip so that the facility can be used as a venue for students to learn about environment-related knowledge in the field.


Canon also said that the goal of setting up a new eco-technology park is to fulfill its environmental vision of “green action”: to create a friendly society that promotes a material-rich life style and promotes global environmental protection. It is committed to reducing the burden on the environment throughout the product life cycle – production, use, and recycling. In this vision, it sets itself the goal of a 3% annual improvement over each product’s carbon dioxide emissions index over its life cycle.