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Tips for Maintenance of Inkjet Printer Related Products

Summary: Due to the way of working, inkjet printer placed place must be horizontal, inclined to work not only affect the print effect, slow down nozzle working speed, and can damage the internal mechanical structure. do not put the printer on the ground, especially carpeted ground, it is easy to have foreign matter or dust flying into the machine


  1. Place the printer on a horizontal desktop
    Due to the way of working, inkjet printer placed place must be horizontal, inclined to work not only affect the print effect, slow down nozzle working speed, and can damage the internal mechanical structure. do not put the printer on the ground, especially carpeted ground, it is easy to have foreign matter or dust flying into the machine.
  2. Take good measures to prevent dust
    When the printer is working, don’t open the front panel. there is nothing interesting when printing, just the nozzle is moving around, also to prevent the dust is blown into the machine.After printing and cooling for half an hour, cover the dust shield immediately and don’t keep the shield open in the room.
  3.  Turn off the machine before unplugging it
    Before using the printer or moving it, do a permanent power-off. turn off the printer power first (if any), reset the nozzle and cover the ink tank, and then unplug the power cord and signal cable. Prevents ink from evaporating and does not easily damage the nozzle when moving
  4. Install the toner cartridge carefullyThe support mechanism of toner cartridge only can bear little strength. be careful when installing the new toner cartridge. according to the normal design, the toner cartridge can be installed with proper strength, don’t push the support hard.
  5. Timely clean
    The outside of the printer is the same as the inside. It should be cleaned regularly. don’t wait until it is full of thick dust and remedied it after with problem. The outside of the printer can be wiped with a wet soft cloth. The cleaning liquid must be a neutral substance such as water. Use dry cloth to wipe the interior as much as possible, and do not touch internal electronic components, machinery, etc.
  6. Printer internal structure
    The cleaning of the nozzle should not be done manually. The best way is to use a software-controlled printhead cleaning program. Especially after adding ink, be sure to clean the print head to prevent the two inks from mixing and solidifying. in addition, if the quality of printing is decreased, such as strip stripes and color fading, the nozzle should also be cleaned.
    If the software cleaning method fails, it proves that the blockage is more serious. which is usually caused by the printer being unused for a long time or the interruption of electricity during use, and the nozzle is not reset. with a syringe against the nozzle, constantly pulling the pressure device, the high-speed air stream is used to clean the nozzle ,and sucking out the remaining ink, which is an ink-saving cleaning method.
    If the first manual cleaning method does not work, it is now ready to open the printer. Turn off the power first, unplug it, and disconnect the power completely. Disassemble the moving shaft and rotate the belt, then carefully pick up the print head and rinse it with distilled water. A syringe and soft hose are then used to form an injection system that is inserted into the ink inlet for cleaning. Be extremely careful in both steps. Never let the water get on the board. If the board get wetted, should be blow drying with an electric blower immediately. Then reinstall it in the printer and execute the software cleaning program again to let the ink wash away the distilled water inside the nozzle.
  7. Avoid stress on the printer
    People sometimes place other objects on the printer, which may break the printer’s casing and some small things will fall into the printer. Of course, drinks and teacups are banned.
  8. Be sure to use the ink when it is loaded
    Because color toner cartridges are expensive, users are reluctant to use them, but they can also cause you a lot of trouble. Each time the nozzle sprays the ink, there is always the remaining ink left nearby, always using inkjet printer. The new ink in the cartridge will wash away the last remaining ink, otherwise they will slowly solidify, causing the nozzle to clog. Even if no ink was used, the machine will automatically clean the nozzles at regular intervals, which will result in greater waste.
    Regardless any kind of inks is out of ink, should change into a new cartridge as soon as possible. Some people think that black ink is not needed for color printing. In fact, the color ink is not pure black, and the printer will report an error and cannot print.
  9. Do not use multiple inks
    Because the ink chemical composition that each manufacturer is different, choose the same brand as far as possible and don’t change them frequently to avoid damage to the ink cartridges and print heads. the ink cartridge has a certain life span, and the number of ink refills is not unlimited. Usually, the safe method is to replace it within 10 times.
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A Few Points to Note When Adding Toner Powder

A few points to note when adding the toner powder:


  1. Toner Cartridge:First wipe with dry skim cotton,a few points should be attention when the toner cartridge adding powder

Toner Cartridge:Wipe with dry skim cotton first. If carbon powder is adhered, it can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or absolute alcohol (in one direction).

  1. Primary Charge Roller: Wipe with a clean absorbent cotton (Don’t use solvents until you have to)
  2. Magnetic Roller: Wipe gently with a clean absorbent cotton (do not scratch the surface)
  3. Toner Bin: Blow clean with air (blow with dry compressed air or earballs)
  4. Etc: For general cleaning, be sure to clean several electrical contact points


When adding toner powder for the first time, please note that HP’s toner cartridge is coated with lubricating oil on the transmission part of the magnetic roller. Be careful not to dip oil on the coating surface of the magnetic roller. it will affect the print quality. Please note that the rubber sheet of the large scraper should not be too clean, otherwise it will not move when installing the photosensitive drum. If you apply a layer of powder to the surface of the drum and scraper before installing the drum, it will rotate smoothly.


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What is the Difference Between Ink Cartridges And Toner Cartridges?

What is the difference between ink cartridges and toner cartridges? let Asseel discuss this issue with everyone today.

The first thing to say is the ink cartridge. The ink cartridge mainly refers to the component used in the inkjet printer to store the printing ink and finally complete the printing. The internal storage is ink, as the name suggests, is a liquid substance. From the point of view of the composition of the ink cartridges on the market, in general, it can be divided into: split type ink cartridges and integrated ink cartridges. it should be noted that the ink cartridge has a very important position for the entire inkjet printer, especially for some low-end printers, which have already reached the price of two ink cartridges and one printer. therefore, when purchasing a printer, you must consider the condition of the ink cartridge.

The last thing to talk about is the toner cartridge, also known as the photosensitive drum, which is generally composed of a basic substrate made of aluminum and a photosensitive material coated on the substrate. The toner cartridge not only determines the quality of the print, but also determines how much money the user has to spend in use. In laser printers, more than 70% of the imaging components are concentrated in the toner cartridge, and the quality of the print is actually determined largely by the toner cartridge. so the toner cartridge is the most critical part of the laser printer.

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How the Toner Cartridge Works

At present, due to the excellent performance and efficient printing technology of laser printers, It is developing vigorously in today’s society, the development components (toner cartridges) that play an important role in laser printers are attracting attention and sales are amazing. According to the structural principle, the toner cartridge can be divided into drum and powder integrated (such as HP, Xerox, Samsung, etc.) and drum and powder separated (such as Lenovo, Epson, etc.).

Lasers in a laser printer modulate the computer’s output at high frequencies, replacing the data control system with a character matrix. The laser beam carrying the character information is uniformly scanned onto the photosensitive drum along the axis of the photosensitive drum through the optical system, thereby forming an electrostatic latent image corresponding to the input information, and the toner is adsorbed on the drum by the electric charge on the drum to fill the hidden image. When the drum is rotated, the visible image is transferred to the paper, and then the image is immersed in the fibers of the paper by heat and pressure, and finally solidified on the paper.


Photosensitive Drum: It is made of aluminum and covered with a layer of non-toxic organic light, also known as OPC drum, which can print about 20,000 sheets (A4 format, 5% coverage). the photosensitive drum should avoid the high temperature and high humidity and near fire, and the light environment. At the same time, the bad touch and scratch when cleaning the drum will cause permanent damage to the drum surface coating.

(Note: If the printing time is too long, it will also cause photosensitive drum fatigue, resulting in the printing color light problem )


Magnetic Roller: It is a metal sleeve with a permanent magnetic core, fixed in a powder bin, adsorbed the carbon powder when rotating, and applied the carbon powder to the latent image of the photosensitive drum by the action of electric field and magnetic field.

(Note: The surface coating of the magnetic roller will be worn and dirty, which will result in light printing color and stain)


Doctor Blade: It is composed of a metal frame and a polyurethane blade. It controls the amount of carbon powder on the surface of the magnetic roll evenly and makes the carbon powder friction and electrify.

(Note: The aging of the doctor blade will appear black wide lines that are not clear from the top to the bottom.)


Transfer Roller (printer module): The transfer roller is located on the other side of the printing paper, and since it is applied with a voltage opposite to that of the toner, the toner on the photosensitive drum is transferred to the paper.

(Note: Damage to the transfer roller can cause image positioning errors. If the printing environment is wet or the transfer roller is dirty, the transfer will be poor and the color will be light.)


Fuser Roller(printer module): Composed of hot and cold rollers, the lower pressure roll is made of rubber, and the upper fixing roll is a metal roll coated with a high temperature resistant material, which has an electric heating wire.

(Note:If the temperature and pressure do not meet the requirements, it will cause a hard copy of the final shadow, and it will be blurred by hand wiping. If the upper and lower fixing rollers are damaged or dirty, there will be a series of problems such as double shadow stain and black line. )


Wiper Blade: When the photosensitive drum finishes printing once, the toner image on the drum surface is not 100% transferred to the paper. therefore, the residual powder left over from the previous pattern is scraped off with a rubber cleaning blade. store in the waste toner bin (Of course, this removal must be carried out without scratching the drum.)

(Note: If the cleaning blade is aged and the residual toner cannot be removed, it will adhere to the page below, with irregular black spots and lines.)


Charge Roller: The charging roller itself is applied with both ac and dc voltages, so it has a dual function of charging the surface of the photosensitive drum and removing the residual potential after an imaging.

(Note:Damage or uncleanness of the charging roller and insufficient charging and discharging of the photosensitive drum caused by voltage consumption during operation may cause bottom ash or affect print quality. )

Asseel toner cartridge

Why Should you choose Asseel As your toner cartridge partner?

1). Quality guarantee:

1-1. Verified by ISO9001 ISO14000 CE & SGS.

1-2. Low defect rate for toner cartridge less than 0.5% which is better than normal level.

1-3. Raw material from top suppliers to establish a perfect printing performance and stable quality.


2). Real Manufacture with more than 10 years experience

SHENZHEN ASSEEL GRAPHICS COMPANY LIMITED is a professional manufacturer of toner cartridges with 10 years experience. We serve nearly 1000 companies every year and offer our best possible solutions to our customers.


3). A confident and positive team

3-1.Professional technical team with more than one decade experiences in printer consumables industrial line, in order to well produce and control each cartridge with the highest quality.

3-2. Company provide professional training regularly for our foreign trade sales. So that they can serve our clients well.

3-3. We have 10 QC and do 100% inspection before we deliver goods.


4). Supply ability: 100000pcs each month

We have a 4000 square meters workshop and near 100 workers, monthly output 100K

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How to solve the problem if Samsung toner cartridge cannot be recognized by printer?

As a professional person who have been on toner cartridge line more than 10 years,work for Shenzhen Asseel, I always get complains that their clients said our Asseel toner cartridge can not work on all the Samsung printer in their market! And they said the new toner cartridge can be recognized by the printer. The red light always flash and printer cannot work anymore. It is really headaches! Hereby I am writing, hope help you to know why it happened and how to solve this problem.


This problem is always cause of chip. And there are 2 mainly reasons.

Firstly, Samsung company update their printer firmware and software automatically when you connect to the internet. And unfortunately, your toner cartridge brought at such time and no updates!

Secondly, your chip edition is wrong. According to the official area of Samsung division, there are four editions in market, CHN,MEA,EXP,EUR and it is easy to find the chip edition from different area. But as the developing of international business, there are a lot persons do not buy the printer from their market directly. They may imported them from China, HK, Dubai. Then the printer editions become chaotic, especially for Middle East, Africa and Bangladesh. And if your toner cartridge edition is wrong, it will be never workable on the printer!


In order to avoid the problem cause of chip, there are one universal chip available in market, which content 3 editions,MEA,EXP,EUR! And if you are lucky enough, your toner cartridge may have such chip.


So if you are lucky guy, then how you help your printer be workable? Frankly speaking, it is veryyy easy! Please follow me here!


Install your new compatible Samsung toner cartridge in the printer and if you find the red light keeping flashing and cannot print, please power off the printer

Wait for 3-4 seconds, then power on the printer. The chip will change its edition automatically! And what you need do is just waiting for the light flash stop and to see what happened.

If the printer still can not work, please power off the printer again and repeat Step 2.

You maybe need repeat step 1 and step 2 three times at most. Then you will find your printer work perfect. And some person just need power off and power on the printer 1 times. Then everything be solved!


Dear friend, you see it is so easy for us solve such problem. If any questions about toner cartridge MLT-D111S, MLT-D111S chip or other models of Samsung toner cartridge, pls feel free to contact us:

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Five major advantages of white airbag for toner cartridge

White airbag for toner cartridge is a new type of packaging material, the use of air column, 2cm-4cm air column made into a fit buffer sleeve, air column inflated 65% natural formation of the buffer, linked to an independent air column, forming a surrounding object the best cushioning package.

white airbag for toner cartridge
Raw materials of white airbag for toner cartridge


Five major advantages of white airbag for toner cartridge

1.Low cost
airbags are made of 99% air and 1% film, the packaging material is not fully flat before use, do not take up space can save a lot of storage costs. Under normal conditions of use, the gas bag can save you 20% to 40% of the cost.

Space saving
White airbag for toner cartridge is not fully flat before the inflatable, light and small volume, you can live on-line, immediately fill, how much to charge how much, do not take up space.

More safe
It has excellent support, a single airbag can withstand 60 ~120kg of the weight without breaking. Airbags can really protect the packaging of the product, not just filling, support. And the traditional filler comparison, not because of the packaging box gap, and in the process of transport items often caused by damage, even if the impact of external pressure, the cartridge inflatable bag personal design can also use air to disperse the pressure to avoid damage.

Recyclable, non-polluting
White airbag for toner cartridge used by the authority of the detection of toxic substances and toxic heavy metals, in line with European environmental standards. The raw material (film) or finished product (air cushion) is completely clean, regardless of any conditions such as production, use, placement or recycling, without causing any pollution and no environmental problems.

Reduce the packaging process to save manpower
White airbag for toner cartridge using special production equipment, easy production, easy to modify, quick and easy, very short delivery cycle.

Avoid direct contact with the following items, such as: nails, blades and other sharp metal.

How to store the toner cartridges

How to store the toner cartridges?

Storage of unopened toner cartridges:

To place in the direction specified on the box (arrow up)

Store in normal environment (normal temperature and humidity)

Avoid direct sunlight and near heat sources (such as heating and steam pipes)


Storage of opened toner cartridges:

It must be used within six months. Six months later, the performance of the components of toner cartridges will become unstable, and the print quality will decline, the degree of decline depends on the environment at that time.

Avoid direct sunlight or exposure to the window. In the hot season, do not put the toner cartridges for a long time in the car (even unopened toner cartridges).

Avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity, such as air conditioning or heating.

Avoid dust or near corrosive chemicals, such as ammonia or organic solvent vapors.

Do not expose the toner cartridges to above 104 ° F (40 ° C).


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How to replace a drum toner cartridge

Sometimes when you are printing very important document, such as the contract or papers, but you just get the blank one,no any words on it! Soon, only blank pages are coming out. What do you do? Don’t panic and check the display screen on your printer or copier. If it reads, “Replace Drum / Toner cartridge,” or if the cartridge LED is flashing red, you will just need to swap the used up ink cartridge with a new one. A good number of photocopying machines and laser printers utilize toners or large cartridges that are housed inside a drum. You will need to detach this in order to slot in the replacement. Make sure that you use the correct replacement cartridge type; otherwise, you can seriously damage the drum.


Firstly, you should find the type of the toner cartridge on your printer, and then buy the right one. It is advisable that you always keep an extra toner cartridge at the ready should the one installed run out. If you don’t know what type of cartridge your particular machine uses, don’t hesitate to bring the drum unit with you when you go to the office supply shop. If this is not possible, simply supply the salesperson with the specific brand and model number so that he can find the correct replacement cartridge for you.

Withdraw entire drum unit / cartridge assembly. Turn your printer off and pull its plug from the socket. Release the front cover and carefully, but firmly, grasp the handle of the drum and pull the entire cartridge assembly until it pops out of the machine completely. Quickly wrap the drum unit with old newspaper or cloth to avoid spilling or scattering any leftover toner. Make sure that you are working in an area away from an open flame as the chemicals inside the cartridge are highly flammable.

Remove the used up cartridge from its drum. Make sure that you are holding the ink cartridge securely in one hand before releasing the lock lever. For some units, the lock lever is blue, while in others, this mechanism is green. With your other hand, pull on the drum unit until the cartridge is freed.

Interpose the replacement cartridge into the printer’s drum unit. Before replacing the drum unit, make sure that the printer is clean. Wipe away any loose powder inside the printer using a lint-free cloth or dry paper towel. Do not spray any cleaning agent inside the machine to avoid any electrical shock once the power supply has been returned. Unpack the new toner cartridge and shake it thoroughly from one side to the other about six times. Unpeel any protective seals and unclip the bracket from one end of the new cartridge. Push the cartridge into the drum unit. Make sure that it clicks in place and the lock lever lifts automatically.

Plug in the drum back into the machine. Hold the drum unit firmly by its handle. Align the markers on the assembly with the appropriate arrows on the printer. Gently push the drum unit in place. Slide it in until you hear a gentle click. This means that the drum is locked in place correctly. Then cover the hull and put the toner cartridge in the printer. You can continue your printing..

Toner Cartridges

Used Toner Cartridges: Think Before You Throw It Away

Are you the part of a huge corporate firm that prints thousands of documents by the day and disposes its used toner cartridges at the end of the day? Do you often find that your printer cartridge has run out of toner/ink and throw the used toner cartridge or ink cartridge immediately in the garbage? Does your store room have a countless number of used printer cartridges lying idly? If your answer to one of the above posed questions is yes, then we urge you to think! Think about the number of ways to utilize your used toner cartridges! In this article, we will suggest a few of the many methods you can employ to ensure that your used toner cartridges do not end up littering your house or worse, end up in the dump yard.



Most machines allow refilling of cartridge but one should make sure if one’s cartridge is built for refilling before deciding to undergo the process. Refilling toner cartridges is a task that you can conveniently choose to do yourself. Cheap and easy to use kits are available that allow you to refill your own empty printer cartridges. Most kits come with attached instructions; however, the following steps can be useful if one holds a keen interest and skill in refilling:

Be sure to purchase a toner kit that comes with packaged toner bottles, and a soldering iron (used to make a hole) that comes with a cutting tip. For most of the cartridges, refilling is quite easy by the “unplug and pour” option. However, some companies make it difficult to refill the cartridges since they earn most by selling the cartridges. The popular HP and Canon cartridges are some of the examples of such printers Use a soldering iron to create a hole in your used toner cartridge or remove the plug with the help of pliers.

Shake the toner bottle well, it helps toner flows quickly. Remove the cap and break the seal of the toner bottle. Now you can easily pour the toner powder in the cartridge via the hole you created. Be careful to leave an air space while pouring the toner.

Wipe off any extra toner spilled at the outside of the hole carefully with the duster and seal the hole back with any plastic or rubber grommet. It will help prevent any leakage in the future.

Make sure that you get a toner refill kit that comes with a tightly fitted seal to close the hole you might have made to avoid leaks inside the machine.



Even though refilling your used cartridge will help you save money, another way will help you save money in an easy way. One can carefully get rid of a used toner cartridges by selling them to a remanufacturing company. Many remanufacturers of toner cartridges have set up websites to make access easier for those willing to sell used toner/inkjet cartridges. These companies will either pay you directly for the used toner cartridges or offer you discounted prices on new toner cartridges. There is a common misconception amongst people that remanufactured toner cartridges contain poor quality toner powder that hinders the printing process but that is not the case.

Set Up a Home Business

Taking the above points into consideration should allow your creative juices to flow and introduce endless ideas about how to deal with used toner cartridges. For example: you could be your own recycling agency. Collect your own empty cartridges and encourage others to do the same. Call up your neighbours and tell them to drop off their used toner cartridges at your place and to spread the word about your mini recycling agency. Once you have a considerable amount of empty toner cartridges you could either take them to an established recycling agency yourself or better yet, refill them. Although refilling a large number of used toner cartridges will take up a lot of your time, you can make a considerable amount of money by selling them back to your neighbours for a profit!


If your cartridges can’t be recycled (due to some damage or already recycled multiple times), you shouldn’t through them in the garbage because printer cartridges contain Carbon Black which is classified as carcinogenic. There are recycling companies specialised in discarding toxic materials, you should send your cartridges to them.

The above steps were just a few possible notions presented to you to help instigate you clear your basement or attic from all the used toner cartridges. Hopefully, you will be inspired to apply such greener practices when it comes to these printing complements.


GreenTech have been recycling used toner cartridges for over 10 years in the UK. They also recycle inkjet cartridges and pay up to £12 for each empty cartridge. For more interesting recycling facts and information about recycling cartridges visit