Canon Set up a New Eco-science Park

Recently, Canon Inc. and Canon Japan Tokyo Eco-Industry Co., Ltd. opened a new Canon eco-technology park.

Canon Set up a New Eco-science Park

It is reported that the park will display Canon Group’s environmental activities, but also with the recovery and remanufacturing of second-hand toner cartridges and cartridges factory, the factory also includes second-hand office imaging equipment. The center is located in Bando Ibaraki, about 85 kilometers north of Tokyo.

Canon said the new eco-technology park includes a showroom and a state-of-the-art facility focused on reuse and recycling designed to reduce waste and make the most of limited resources.

Canon said the workplace within the new campus follows the concept of “clean and quiet” and aims to provide employees with a comfortable work environment. The factory building incorporates an energy-efficient design that takes into account the building’s environmental impact.


In addition, as part of the Canon Group’s eco-friendly activities, the Eco-Tech Park in Canon also set up a factory field trip so that the facility can be used as a venue for students to learn about environment-related knowledge in the field.


Canon also said that the goal of setting up a new eco-technology park is to fulfill its environmental vision of “green action”: to create a friendly society that promotes a material-rich life style and promotes global environmental protection. It is committed to reducing the burden on the environment throughout the product life cycle – production, use, and recycling. In this vision, it sets itself the goal of a 3% annual improvement over each product’s carbon dioxide emissions index over its life cycle.