How to Buy High-quality But Cheap Laser Toner Cartridge Correctly?

Whether it is a MFC, or laser printer or laser All-in-One, can not lack toner cartridges. However, we have to admit that the price of an original toner cartridge is really difficult to accept, so laser toner cartridges, recycled toner cartridges become good choice for consumers.


With so many brands of toner cartridges, no matter original or laser toner, how to choose? We can think about this question from two aspects.


1.The biggest problem for original toner cartridge is the cost.

If a company has 10 laser printers, each machine’s annual print volume is 24,000 pages, and the life of laser toner cartridge is generally 10,000 pages, the original cartridge price is about 700 yuan per year, so this business on the printer cartridge cost is 700 × 24, about 16,800 yuan.


However, the price of Asseel printer consumbles may be only one-third of the original, to a certain extent, reduce the procurement costs, ultra-stable print input and the original cartridge is no different, ultra-high cost performance advantage is more obvious.


2.The biggest problem for non-original toner cartridge is the cost.

The price of poor quality toner cartridges on the market may be much lower than the original one-third, but the amount of print can not achieve original cartridges, and prone to failure, resulting in poor printing, damage to the printer life, increase maintenance costs and more for serious problems caused by leakage of health problems. Toner particles are suspended matter, will float into the air, the human body after inhalation, will have an impact on health, according to medical research, a lot of inhalation of toner, the most serious cause pneumoconiosis such a serious disease.


So Asseel is one of your best choice.

About Asseel

Shenzhen Asseel Graphics Co., Ltd, established in 2006, is a a professional printer consumbles manufacturer, mainly engaged in laser toner cartridges, drum core, ink cartridges and cartridge accessories. The company has more than 3,000 square meters of high standard workshop. It passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, our products have sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world to establish a stable and cooperative relations.