How to rescue Inkjet print head

Summary: All products of EPSON printer adopt the design method of separating the nozzle from the ink cartridge. The piezoelectric nozzle is used, and there is no heating process when inkjet is used, that is, “cold spray”.This equipment is very precise in design, especially the nozzle section. Moreover, EPSON’s ink is “quick-dry”, so long-term idle is easy to cause the nozzle of the print head to be plugged.


The general solution is to use the “clean” function in the driver, but this function is achieved by using ink to flush the nozzle, and the cost of the ink is high, so the waste is very serious. So we Asseel here to introduces a little trick to everyone.


Idea: There are two main reasons why the nozzle is plugged. One is that the printer is not used for a long time, the ink evaporates in the nozzle, and becomes a dry toner, which is stuffed in the nozzle. the other is that the filled ink is mixed with the original ink and neutralized due to the difference in colloidal charge, forming a precipitate to plug the nozzle, which is most likely to occur for black ink. If we don’t have ink in the nozzle when we don’t use it for a long time, and there is no ink in the printer before filling it, then will don’t have these problems.


Simple method to be implementation: First make a cleaning cartridge: Find some ink cartridges (See how many cartridges your printer USES at the same time) that are out of ink, pry it open, take out the foam inside, find a bubble of similar size (If can’t find the original one, you have to clean the newone), put it in the water with the empty cartridge and clean it. After cleaning, let the foam absorb enough pure water and put back the empty ink cartridge. Then, a cleaning cartridge is ready.


Easy use: Remove the existing ink cartridge from the printer, install the cleaning cartridge, and use the printer’s cleaning nozzle function to clean the printhead multiple times. You can also print a picture of all colors, and when you can’t see any color, then means nozzle being cleaned already.


With the method, we should apply the above method in a timely manner.The first is before you plan to not used it for a long time (or just before off duty every day), and before you plan to replace the ink cartridge or fill the ink.


Now Canon’s latest S-series printers also use this technology that separates the printhead from the ink cartridge. We can also follow this way to prevent the nozzle from being blocked. In addition, it is best not to use a method of refilling ink to save costs, and inferior ink can easily cause nozzle clogging.


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