Why HP and Canon Laser Toner Appear Chip does not Recognize Printer?

When use compatible toner cartridges for HP and Canon, we get feedback from customers that HP CF279A, CF283A, Canon CRG-337 and other chips “installed do not recognize”, which we tested many times, the results shows that the problem is generally caused by: poor contact between chip and printer and the problem caused by the failure of the plastic shell of toner cartridge.


Usually if the chip does not recognize the printer, it will be prompted: 10.0000 / 10.10.XX / 10.00.XX, supplies memory error / consumables memory error / supplies margin error, etc. Canon printer will prompt: check the toner cartridge, cartridge communication Error, prepare new cartridges and so on.


And usually these problems are due to the printer and the chip without communication between the error message, then we generally through the following six points to exclude one by one:


Check if the chip model matches the printer

Check whether the chip direction is installed correctly

Check whether the chip is installed in place

Check the chip contacts and the printer cheat on whether there are stains;

whether the printer is damaged

Chip quality problems


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