What to do if printer is displayed as “offline” and cannot print properly?

There are many reasons why the printer is “offline”. You can do the following first.:Turn off the print power then restart computer. this operation can put the computer in a normal use environment. After restart computer and turn on the printer power, connect the printer USB cable to the computer and send the print task again. it will print normally. if the printer is still “offline”, follow the steps in the solution below to help you solve the problem.

First step: Check the printer indicator light
Make sure the printer power is turn on and the printer is ready for standby.
Please refer to the treatment method of printer indicator light flashing:
HP LaserJet P1007、P1008 Laser printer – Indicator light flashing
HP LaserJet P1505、P1505n Laser printer – Indicator light flashing
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Step two: Clear print task
Because the printing background service failed to handle the tasks that could not be printed, it would stay in the list of printing tasks, resulting in the blocked print queue and unable to print normally, the printer status is displayed as “offline”, at which point the blocked printing task needs to be cleared
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Step three: Check the printer status
Connect the printer USB cable to the computer and turn on the computer power
Click”Start”→ “Printer and Fax”. in the “Printer and Fax”window and find printer icon. In the “Printer and Fax”window, Right click on the printer icon you are using and select the “Use online printer” menu item


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