A Few Points to Note When Adding Toner Powder

A few points to note when adding the toner powder:


  1. Toner Cartridge:First wipe with dry skim cotton,a few points should be attention when the toner cartridge adding powder

Toner Cartridge:Wipe with dry skim cotton first. If carbon powder is adhered, it can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or absolute alcohol (in one direction).

  1. Primary Charge Roller: Wipe with a clean absorbent cotton (Don’t use solvents until you have to)
  2. Magnetic Roller: Wipe gently with a clean absorbent cotton (do not scratch the surface)
  3. Toner Bin: Blow clean with air (blow with dry compressed air or earballs)
  4. Etc: For general cleaning, be sure to clean several electrical contact points


When adding toner powder for the first time, please note that HP’s toner cartridge is coated with lubricating oil on the transmission part of the magnetic roller. Be careful not to dip oil on the coating surface of the magnetic roller. it will affect the print quality. Please note that the rubber sheet of the large scraper should not be too clean, otherwise it will not move when installing the photosensitive drum. If you apply a layer of powder to the surface of the drum and scraper before installing the drum, it will rotate smoothly.


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