How We Asseel Pack our Printhead?

As we know, for printhead is easy to have problem and make it not work, especially after long journey from China to our customer’s hand. In order to keep our Printhead work well in end-user hands’. We, Asseel, do a lot effort from collect them in market till packing, we do every step with 100% intentions!


Today, let me tell you how we Asseel pack our printhead.We have strictly rules to follow.


  1. After our engineer tested the printing head, they will run into our packing team. The first and most important thing is that our worker will put some protection fluid on the mirror of the printer head. That will protect our printing head from damaging it, and blocking it.
  2. Kindly pack them with box or transparent box
  3. Weight them one by one to keep the data accurately.
  4. Put them in carton with air bag or foam which will help pretending our Asseel Printhead from damage during the long trip.
  5. Glue the outside box and stock them in warehouse. Maybe you will ask why we glued the whole box? Well,that is a good question. Actually, it will increase our cost, but it can provide more protection for our printing head and then our end-user will get prefect goods.
  6. That is how we Asseel, packing our printhead. Hope it will help you know better of our package term.


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