How to solve the problem if Samsung toner cartridge cannot be recognized by printer?

As a professional person who have been on toner cartridge line more than 10 years,work for Shenzhen Asseel, I always get complains that their clients said our Asseel toner cartridge can not work on all the Samsung printer in their market! And they said the new toner cartridge can be recognized by the printer. The red light always flash and printer cannot work anymore. It is really headaches! Hereby I am writing, hope help you to know why it happened and how to solve this problem.


This problem is always cause of chip. And there are 2 mainly reasons.

Firstly, Samsung company update their printer firmware and software automatically when you connect to the internet. And unfortunately, your toner cartridge brought at such time and no updates!

Secondly, your chip edition is wrong. According to the official area of Samsung division, there are four editions in market, CHN,MEA,EXP,EUR and it is easy to find the chip edition from different area. But as the developing of international business, there are a lot persons do not buy the printer from their market directly. They may imported them from China, HK, Dubai. Then the printer editions become chaotic, especially for Middle East, Africa and Bangladesh. And if your toner cartridge edition is wrong, it will be never workable on the printer!


In order to avoid the problem cause of chip, there are one universal chip available in market, which content 3 editions,MEA,EXP,EUR! And if you are lucky enough, your toner cartridge may have such chip.


So if you are lucky guy, then how you help your printer be workable? Frankly speaking, it is veryyy easy! Please follow me here!


Install your new compatible Samsung toner cartridge in the printer and if you find the red light keeping flashing and cannot print, please power off the printer

Wait for 3-4 seconds, then power on the printer. The chip will change its edition automatically! And what you need do is just waiting for the light flash stop and to see what happened.

If the printer still can not work, please power off the printer again and repeat Step 2.

You maybe need repeat step 1 and step 2 three times at most. Then you will find your printer work perfect. And some person just need power off and power on the printer 1 times. Then everything be solved!


Dear friend, you see it is so easy for us solve such problem. If any questions about toner cartridge MLT-D111S, MLT-D111S chip or other models of Samsung toner cartridge, pls feel free to contact us:

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