How to find MLT-D111S chip edition for Samsung Laser Printer ML2161?

Recently, many customers told us that they do not know which type of chip edition they need, some of them bought wrong chips for MLT-D111S toner cartridge, then the toner cartridge can’t use. In order to avoid these problems, we would like to teach you how to find toner cartridge MLT-D111S chip edition for Samsung Laser Printer Ml2161.


Step One:Press the switch and the indicator light starts flashing.

Step Two:When it stop flashing, press the top of the screen button for about 10 seconds and the light flashes 5 times.

Step Three: Then the self-test page will be printed out. We can find its edition is MEA, EXP, EUR or CHN from the paper easily.


It is so easy to find the right MLT-D111S chip edition, right? You don’t have to worry about chip edition anymore. If any questions about toner cartridge MLT-D111S, MLT-D111S chip or other models of Samsung toner cartridge, pls feel free to contact us:

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