Frequently Asked Question

Q: Will remanufactured laser toner cartridges damage my machine?

A: No, and we guarantee it. Your printer, fax or copier should produce quality print jobs with either new or refilled toner cartridges. If your machine does break down and the repair proves to be cartridge related, our technician will check and repair your machine free of charge.

Q: Do remanufactured toner cartridges last as long as new?

A: Yes, and in many cases, longer. All of our toner cartridges are filled to maximum capacity and are carefully weighed before distribution.

Q: How often can a laser toner cartridge be refilled?

A: Before they are refilled, each laser toner cartridge is completely disassembled and inspected to determine suitability for remanufacturing. A toner cartridge can, as a rule, be remanufactured 2 to 12 times depending on the particular cartridge.

Q: Are toner cartridge parts replaced as well during the refill process? Are toner cartridges just refilled or remanufactured?

A: All toner cartridges are thoroughly cleaned and inspected to determine suitability for remanufacturing. Toner cartridges are outfitted with new rollers, blades, drum, and toner. All cartridges are weighed and tested to ensure product excellence.

Q: How do the remanufactured laser toner cartridges compare with new cartridges in terms of quality and price?

A: Our commitment is to produce the highest quality product possible that meets or exceeds original manufacturer standards. Customers can save from 20% to 60%, depending on the particular make of cartridge, over the cost of buying new OEM cartridges. Customers should not see a difference in quality between the refilled and new print cartridges from the printer manufacuturer.

Q: How long does it take to refill laser-jet toner cartridges?

A: Because of the care required to properly service and refill a laser cartridge, we keep a large inventory of most manufacturers’ laser toner cartridges ready for the customer to pick up when needed. Some cartridges that are not as popular can be filled on demand and may take anywhere from an hour to 4 hours, depending on the type or make of cartridge.

Q: Are generic brand compatible toner cartridges as good as new manufacturers’ cartridges in terms of quality? Is there much difference in price?

A: Compatible cartridges will provide a customer with a good quality printer performance comparable to new OEM cartridges. Customers can save anywhere from 25% to 50% by buying compatible cartridges.

Q: How get the most out of your toner cartridges?

Tip1: When the toner bar on your printer alerts you that your toner cartridge is running low – you may still have up to 25% toner left. Continue to print until the printing starts to fade and then replace your cartridge.

Tip2: If your printer displays a message that indicates your toner cartridge is empty, you can often get more pages from it by simply gently shaking the cartridge horizontally to redistribute the remaining toner.

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