Epson Printhead Leaner

1.Usage: Cleaned in two ways (Reference)

1). The cleaning solution is filled with liquid and filled into the printer cartridge

① Immersion cleaning of the cleaning head.

② When the print quality is degraded or the thread is broken when testing the mesh, install the ink cartridge containing the cleaning solution according to the normal method of replacing the ink cartridge.

③ Perform print head cleaning. After cleaning, perform the test mesh program until the mesh test is normal. For the color cleaning solution, the mesh test after cleaning can directly see the effect after cleaning. The cleaning effect of other cleaning solutions can be Install the ink cartridge for the mesh test.

④ After the mesh test is OK, remove the cleaning cartridge and seal the air duct and the outlet of the cleaning solution for reuse.

2).The cleaning liquid is installed in the container to clean the nozzle in the printing ink cartridge.

Using the step:

①  Take clean ware and pour a small amount of cleaning solution into it.

②  Remove the problematic nozzle and soak the nozzle. Do not allow the cleaning fluid to reach the nozzle plate and contact plate (Prevent short circuit or damage after being wetted by water).

③  The soaking time depends on the blocking time of the nozzle. If the nozzle is removed soon after it is blocked, it only needs to be soaked for 1-5 hours. If the nozzle is delayed for a long time, it can be soaked for 12-24 hour.


2.Precautions for cleaning:

  • The cleaning solution is completely compatible with the original ink and natural ink, and there is no damage to the print head and the ink refill tube.
  • After the cartridge is opened, if the cartridge is not replaced for the time being, you can replace it with a clean cartridge to protect the printing head.
  • The cleaning solution is not used in print heads whose internal structure has been damaged or has reached the end of their useful life.
  • The cleaning solution should avoid contact with the circuit of the nozzle when cleaning the nozzl
  • After the cleaning is completed, the nozzle circuit should be dry before installing the cleaning print head on the printer.
  • In the normal maintenance of the nozzle, when the printer is not working, a few drops of the cleaning solution can be used to reset the wet state of the sponge nozzle of the ink pad.
  • The cleaning solution has a certain volatility and should be kept sealed during storage and placed at a lower temperature.
  • If there is any splash of cleaning liquid into the eyes, etc., first rinse with clean water, then Wipe after rinsing. If the problem is serious, go to the hospital for examination.
  • The operating environment should be clean.
  • The circuit board is soaked, please treat it to clean, and then test it on the machine after drying, otherwise the circuit may burn down