Asseel Graphics Company Tell You How to Perform Print Head Alignment (Windows)

“Print head Alignment”Will adjust ink tank position and improve related charts、Problems with incorrect position of lines and other items

  1. Turn on the printer.
    – For WindowsXP Home Edition
    Click/Select”Start”、”Control Panel”、”Printer and other Hardware”& “Printer and Fax”
    – For Windows XP Professional Edition
    Click “Start” and “Printer and Fax”
    – For Windows 2000/Me/98
    Click/Select “Start”and “Setup”, the select “Printer”
  2.  Right click on the printer icon and select “Attribute” from the displayed list.
  3.  Select the“Maintain”Tab, then click “Print Head Alignment”
    * Depending on the type of printer, the display will be different
  4. Place the paper thickness lever to the left and load an A4 or Letter size paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder.
    Click “Print head Alignment”
  5.  Printing will begin. View the displayed information and click “OK”.  Remark: Do not perform any other operation before printing
  6. Printing pattern
  7. If the pattern prints successfully, click “Yes” in the confirmation window. Remark: If the pattern is not printed or the result is significantly blurred, click “No” and restart printing from the beginning.
  8. Refer to the printed paper and enter the number in the “Print Head Alignment” window
    8-1. Select the pattern with the lowest number of visible vertical stripes in the column A area.
    8-2. Enter the pattern number of the selected pattern in the column A box shown on the right screen
    8-3. Similarly, enter the pattern number of the selected pattern in the Column B to Column L box
    An example of a high-visibility vertical stripe pattern.
    Low visibility vertical stripe pattern example.
    8-4. After entering all values, click “OK”
  9. “Print head alignment completed” message is displayed, click “OK.”

This completes the execution of “Print Head Alignment”.


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