2017 Top Three of China Printer Market, Epson is only a quarter of HP

2017 Top Three of China Printer Market, Epson is only a quarter of HP

Recently, the operator World Wide Web published the “2017 China Digital Industry Research Report.” The report shows that in the printer market, HP occupy almost half of the country, while also entering the Chinese printer Epson earlier, with 12% share of the third.

It is understood that the print peripheral market in recent years showed a steady growth trend, major domestic brands rankings and no major changes.

HP’s localization strategy in China, making its sales of laser printers, all-in-one equipment has been sustained growth. Relatively speaking, Epson sells only inkjet printers in China, so its overall sales volume or growth rate lags behind HP and Canon with diversified products.

The report pointed out that at present in the field of office equipment, printers, photocopiers and scanners have become the mainstream integrated device, and a single printer, scanner and other equipment has been out of the mainstream office equipment market.

As a result, although Epson scanners currently have a low market share in China, the scanner market is dwindling as MFPs appear, and Epson’s “lost ground” in China is rapidly expanding.

In addition, the report also presents the last year printer category brand awareness rankings, the top three were Hewlett-Packard, Canon and Epson. Insiders pointed out that in the field of office printers, brand awareness by brand market share greater impact, resulting in the Matthew effect makes the big brands tend to occupy the absolute advantage, while other brands will be forced to reduced to second and third line , Survive in the cracks.

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